10 Ridiculous LIfehacks That Will Change Your Life!

10 Ridiculous LIfehacks That Will Change Your Life!

Erika Carter

Sometimes the greatest moment of our day is discovering a new trick that makes our lives so much easier. Those little tricks that make you stop and wonder, “How have I never done that before?!”

If you’re a fan of those awe-inspiring moments then today is your lucky day, because here are 10 lifehacks that will CHANGE your life! You’ll wonder how you even managed to live without them!

Take kiwi fruit for example. Kiwi is a delicious fruit that is almost impossible to eat! How are you supposed to peel the skin without losing a lot of the yummy fruit inside? All you have to do is cut off the top, push a spoon inside (making sure the back slides in along the peel) then carefully work the spoon around the inside edge until the entire fruit pops right out!

Also, did you know that potato chips burn for long enough to light coal? Next time you’re camping and run out of lighter fluid, use potato chips instead! This nifty video below also shows us how to keep all those pesky plastic bags in place.

Plastic grocery bags are worth hanging on to, but can quickly take over your drawers! Eliminate the clutter by flattening them out and folding the bags in half.

Lay them in a straight line, with the handles overlapping the bottom of the previous bag. Start rolling them up, beginning with the handles. Add as many as you want, and soon you will have a bag dispenser that takes up very little room!

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