10 Life Hacks You Need This Holiday Season

10 Life Hacks You Need This Holiday Season

Angela Markus

Although Christmas is meant to be a happy and joyous occasion, sometimes the excitement can quickly dissolve into a something stressful. In the midst of preparing for the festivities, utilize these tricks and tips to make your holiday a happy and a merry one.

It is hard to make it to everyone on the gift list, so if you are looking for an idea last minute, grab an old potato chip bag, clean and turn it inside out. Place your gift inside and complete with a bow. Those wrapping paper rolls can get out of hand, the king of random shows us how to keep it in place.

One of the coolest hacks involves breakfast. Clean out a condiment bottle and pour pancake mix inside. Grab a cookie cutter and dip into oil before placing on a griddle. Pour the pancake mix inside of the cutter and when it cooks for a couple of minutes remove the cutter and flip the pancake. With a drizzle of maple syrup, your Christmas breakfast is sure to be pretty and tasty.

He helps us solve an age old annoying tape issue with a bread clip, and wrapping christmas lights; something we all know can be quite irritating. He goes into to perfecting chocolate shavings and creating upcycled thank you cards.

You are going to love these tips. Please share any tips of your own.

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