Woman Finds 100-Year-Old Bowling Alley in Her Home

Woman Finds 100-Year-Old Bowling Alley in Her Home

Angela Markus

What are the chances of renovating your home and finding some long-lost treasure? These home owners didn’t find gold, but rather some prized history.

She was in the process of renovating her home when she discovered that her fascinating little house was home to a bowling alley over 100 years ago.

Apparently, people from all over traveled to the house throughout the years to take part in candlepin bowling. Candlestick bowling, as it is also known as, is a variation to the bowling that we know today. It was popular in the New England states such as Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.

After a terrible burning, the bowling alley was rebuilt in 1909. It was quite famous until the Great Depression.

Herbert Massey’s Café and Bowling, as it was once called, was not only a candlestick bowling alley but a place for people to come and hang out over a cup of coffee. One of the extraordinary finds was a bowling lane completely intact and functional with an apparatus that was used for resetting the pins.

The owner has come up with an interesting plan for the kitchen to keep part of the bowling alley’s history after the renovation. A box will be constructed, so that anyone could press down on a lever to activate the pins. People would be able to candlepin bowl right in the kitchen!

What would you do if you found something like this in your home?

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