100 Years of Fashion Shows How Stylish Women Were In Every Decade!

100 Years of Fashion Shows How Stylish Women Were In Every Decade!

Angela Markus

Women’s fashion has really come a long way. This video perfectly demonstrates the transformation of women’s fashion in the last 100 years.

In 1915, women’s fashion was more patriotic and practical. It was deemed war crinoline. The model is dressed in a green number completed with white gloves, hanging purse, umbrella, and feathered hat. The model perfects the flapper style representing 1925. Simple and chic, fashion emulating the Downtown Abbey look.

A decade later, we see grace infused into the fashion. The dressed worn by the model shows an uneven hemline with summery colors completed with a flower. The forties produced post-war melon colored two-piece suit with a black hat, white gloves, a briefcase and opened-toed shoes.

Jump ahead ten years, we see a departure from the previous style to more dramatic fashion. The model dressed in a floral, off-shoulder evening gown completed with yellow silk throw. The elegant look is accessorized with a box purse, hat and brown shoes. There is yet another transformation in 1965. The Jackie-Kennedy-inspired look features a fuchsia two piece with white gloves and black handbag, shoes and hat.

The seventies produces a fashion era of fun. The denim flare-bell bottom jumper, head scarf, and oversized glasses showcases a retro look. The brown clogs and big green purse accentuate the jumper.

The next style showcases a bright-colored dress with large faux-gold earring and necklace. The makeup is bold and the hair is huge and hair-sprayed. This depiction is completed with non-matching purple shoes and a white purse. The nineties look is perfectly portrayed by the model. Boots and leggings replicate the Clueless fashion trend, completed with a choker and a backpack. (I still have one of those!)

One of the mash-up looks of the new millennium was flare jeans and heels. The model has a pink chiffon top with a black cardigan. Fast forward to present year. The boyfriend jeans look is completed with a loose fit top, biker jacket and heels. Oh how much we have changed!

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