This 11-Year-Old Boy Stands Up To Cyber Bullies In The Best Way Possible

This 11-Year-Old Boy Stands Up To Cyber Bullies In The Best Way Possible

Erika Carter

Logan and his dad began making YouTube videos as a fun hobby they could do together. But soon after they started, they came to the realization that their YouTube success would not come without bullying from hurtful comments.

Logan, who is only 11-years-old, decided that he would not stand for the cyber bullies. He wouldn’t let these cyber bullies get away with posting awful and hurtful comments on his videos without fighting back.

Logan decided to show these online bullies that their hurtful comments would not affect him by making a statement via his YouTube channel in regards to their bullying. The bravery that this young boy showed during this entire video was inspiring.

He was able to call out those who had said cruel things by reading their direct comments on the video. Some of these comments cited him as being “fat” and some even went as awfully far as to say, “I hope you get cancer”.

Logan was able to read these comments that had been written about him and then acknowledge those who wrote the comments and those who may be going to the same thing. Logan did this in hopes of helping anyone else who may be experiencing this same thing, in terms of bullying.

Whether the bullying occurs online or in person, Logan encourages those who may be experiencing bullying to not let it get to them and to rise above.

This video was inspiring in the fact that Logan, being so young, recognizes that through his pain and suffering from this experience, he can reach out to others and comfort them in the process.

Hats off to this young man who chose to stand against bullying, maybe we all will learn a lesson from this.

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