11 Year-Old Arisxandra Sings Whitney Houston

Arisxandra Britain's Got Talent

11 Year-Old Arisxandra Sings Whitney Houston

Patrick Dangermond

This girl may be small, but her voice is big enough to move mountains!

When Arisxandra Libantino took the stage of “Britain’s Got Talent,” you could tell that big things were about to happen. Her composure and the aura that surrounded her almost made it something out of a dream. It wasn’t until she started the first few notes that we can see what we are truly in for.

Her rendition of Whitney Houston‘s “I Have Nothing” is breathtaking. It’s hard to believe that a voice so powerful could come from such a young girl. She’s only 11 years old!

This little Filipino girl is a star in the making. From the way that the crowd and the judges reacted to her, she already IS a star!

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