Grandma’s Sharing Her Secret To Happiness. These Are 15 Life Lessons EVERYONE Should Live By!

Grandma’s Sharing Her Secret To Happiness. These Are 15 Life Lessons EVERYONE Should Live By!

Genevieve Lopez



While we can get caught up in the hectic drudgery of life, we often forget what really matters. At the end of our work day, feeding the kids, watering the plants, all that matters is that we’re happy.

The road to happiness is a mysterious journey and those who truly understand all of its wonders are our wise elders, especially Grandma. From children to grandchildren, grandmothers have been through it all. They know more than simply a thing or two about life and want to share all their wisdom with us.

Whatever age you may be, these life lessons from Grandma are little reminders that happiness begins when we live life to the fullest. Because after all, grandma’s really do know best.


1. Stop worrying about debt. Work hard and pay your bills on time. It’s really that simple.

2. Forgive your ex-lovers. You’re going to end up with the one you were always suppose to be with.

3. Adapt to change. No matter good or bad, the situation always changes.

4. Never cry alone. It’s always more healing to feel with someone than just yourself.

5. Leave the job you hate. Happiness is what makes us most successful. 

6. Don’t compare yourself with others. Their journey is different than yours. You’ll never fully understand theirs.

7. Time really does heal everything. Just give it some time.

8. Don’t hate yourself for weight gain. It happens to the best of us.

9. Don’t take yourself too seriously. No one else really does.

10. Clean out your closet. Whether it’s old clothes or bad memories, they’re just taking up space.

11. Find a life partner. They’re the ones that will grow old with you.

12. Take deeps breath. Life is tough but so are you.

13. Empower others. How else do you think you learned all that you know?

14. Don’t complain. If you saw the pile of other people’s problems, you’ll see yours aren’t so bad.

15. Be your weird, crazy, fabulous self. Always.


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