Judge Gives a Unique Sentence to the Girl Who Killed A Man While Texting And Driving

Judge Gives a Unique Sentence to the Girl Who Killed A Man While Texting And Driving

Genevieve Lopez

She was looking down for just a few seconds, but her decision to text and drive will haunt her for life, well, at least for the next two years of her life.

A Michigan woman was driving through the city, when she became distracted by her cell phone. She took her eyes off the road for just a few seconds, but it was long enough for her to fatally strike bicyclist, 35-year-old Jill Byeich.

“The lesson to be learned here came at too great of a price,” scolded Judge Stewart McDonald of Clinton County District Court, who decided to give this young woman a very unique sentence. Not only will she serve 90 days in jail, she’s banned from using her cell phone or any other texting device for two years.

While most millennial’s would argue yes, this is a fair judgement, many people are outraged that the cost of an innocent woman’s life is simply the torment of lack of technology use.

Judge Stewart McDonald argues that the sentence wasn’t entirely his decision, but encouraged by the widower, Jordan Byeich. The judge supports this decision stating what we all know to be true, “We’re all too dependent on, too connected to our cell phones. Everyone wants to stay connected to the world at all times, 24/7. And I just don’t think it’s appropriate to stay connected in that kind of way when you’re driving a motor vehicle down the highway.”

He continues to argue why the defendant received such a short amount of jail time for killing an innocent woman. Regardless, is this a fair punishment? You be the judge.

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