Obese And Unhappy, She Made a Change. Her Transformation Will Blow You Away!

Obese And Unhappy, She Made a Change. Her Transformation Will Blow You Away!

Kendall Conners

It’s never too late to grab life by the horns and become the person you’ve always dreamed of and Kaitlyn Smith is living proof of that.

After a lifetime of battling obesity, Kaitlyn was ready for a change. So, one day she made the courageous choice to giver her life a complete 180, once and for all. In January 2013 at 398 pounds and just 16 years old she hired a trainer, Kina.

Kina put her on a nutrition and exercise plan and they got started. With the help of her dedicated trainer and a whole lot of determination, Kaitlyn began her weight loss journey.

She had made the decision to change and she was NOT going to give up! Every day she ate clean, didn’t cheat, didn’t skip workouts or make excuses. She put her faith entirely in Kina, and even though it hurt at times, she kept at it.

Before she knew it, she was five months in … and had lost 100 pounds! Kaitlyn kept her spirits high, her determination strong and kept faith in Kina and the process.

Pretty soon she started doing things she never thought possible — she walked her first 5k, started doing pushups on her knees, and even attended Zumba classes!

207 pounds down and Kaitlyn was a brand new person. She was healthy, confident and ready to shine! She wants to share her story with the world and hopefully inspire others who are in the same situation.

With the help of Kina’s coaching, Kaitlyn got to finish high school the way she wanted to — healthy, happy and confident!

Now Kaitlyn is paying it forward by helping others who are on the same journey. She wants to be the inspiration people need when they’re ready to throw in the towel and call it quits!

Kaitlyn’s story is truly remarkable. When you see her photos you’ll be BLOWN away! Her accomplishments are beyond inspiring and show what eating right, exercise and dedication can really achieve!

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