26 Incredible Watermelon Carvings!

Watermelon Carving

26 Incredible Watermelon Carvings!

Ashley Rego

Juicy, cheese-drenched burgers; buttery, golden corn on the cob; crispy, crunchy potato chips dowsed in a puddle of creamy ranch dressing; and a bright, mouth-watering…shark?!

Wait a second- back up!

‘Tis the season for backyard barbecues filled with all of summer’s greatest treats. While your typical menu will include everything from tender, grilled meats to refreshingly moist fruits, something tells me watermelons carved like creatures of the sea certainly weren’t on your list!

As summer yields our favorite ruby melon, it also harvests some very unique, yet incredible talents. People (and apparently LOTS of people) transform the tasty sphere into sculptures of magnificence!

Here are 26 of our favorite watermelon carvings that are sure to blow your mind!

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