Modern-Day Plague Has Now Killed 2nd Person in Colorado

Modern-Day Plague Has Now Killed 2nd Person in Colorado

Angela Markus

Centuries after ravaging millions, the plague has returned to Colorado, killing the 2nd person this week. The Pueblo City-County Health Department announced on Wednesday, August 5th, that an adult has died from the plague.

This is incredibly unusual to scientists considering the United States is a well-developed country.

How the person contracted the disease is alarming. The agency stated in a press release that the adult may have contracted the disease from a flea or a dead rodent or animal.



“This highlights the importance to protect yourself and your pets from the exposure of fleas that carry plague,” Sylvia Proud, the city-county public health director told CNN.

Earlier this year, a teenager from Larimer County, Colorado died from the plague. According to CNN, the CDC says about seven people get the plague — over 80% of which have been in the bubonic form — every year in the United States.



Most cases of human plague from 1970 to 2012 occur in the western United States. Scientist are not entirely sure of the reason.



7News says that Colorado’s unusually wet spring and summer is most likely fueling the spike of of the plague, where cooler weather brings about more rodents and allows for fleas to live longer.

For your safety, it is strongly advised to wear gloves when removing dead rodents from your property. In addition, bug spray can help ward of fleas around dead rodents.

Please stay safe out there.

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