Learn to Make 3 Homemade Popsicles This Summer

Learn to Make 3 Homemade Popsicles This Summer

Erika Carter

Though summer may be drawing to a close, that certainly doesn’t mean that the time is coming to give up summer treats. In fact, whoever said that apple pie and popsicles should be only reserved for summer is definitely no friend of mine. I say popsicles should be served year round, maybe even every day! After all, life’s short so we might as well enjoy good desserts.

Someone who can get on board with the whole “let’s eat yummy desserts all the time” mantra is Gemma Stafford, an amazing chef who shares her latest recipes and treats via her YouTube channel. And boy, oh boy, are you in for a treat today.

In what might be her greatest video yet (and that says a lot), Gemma shares recipes for creating Oreo, Nutella, and Cheesecake popsicles — and they are surprisingly easy! The recipes all use ingredients most people already have in their kitchen, plus you don’t even need popsicle molds.

According to Gemma, using miniature paper cups works just as well as using a pre-made popsicle mold. Whoda thunk?

Remember to make these year round! Popsicles are too good to only be enjoyed a few months a year.

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