The 4-7-8 Breathing Technique Is All You Need To Get To Sleep In 60 Seconds

The 4-7-8 Breathing Technique Is All You Need To Get To Sleep In 60 Seconds

Angela Markus

Are you have trouble falling or staying asleep, or you wake up feeling unrefreshed? Then it is more than likely you may be suffering from insomnia. But if this is you, you are not alone. According to NPR, neither can about 60 million Americans.

There is an endless list of remedies, but here is the easiest and most cost effective yet. Apparently, there is a deep breathing trick that works to make insomniacs drop to sleep in under one minute. A simple alteration to normal breathing could be the answer.

Sleep expert Dr. Andrew Weil, founder of the Arizona Centre for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, calls it the ‘4-7-8’ method. Weil claims the technique works by calming the mind and relaxing the muscles. Poor sleep patterns put you at risk for serious medical conditions including obesity, heart disease and diabetes –it shortens your life expectancy.

The trick is holding your breath for four seconds, breathing out then holding for seven seconds. After that, exhale completely for a count of eight. The steps are then repeated between two and four times. Dr. Weil says it works because it allows the lungs to become fully charged with air, allowing more oxygen into the body, which promotes a state of calm.

“You have to do this two times a day religiously. It will become a wonderful way to help you fall asleep. You can do it more often throughout the day,” added Dr. Weil. “It is utterly simple, takes almost no time, requires no equipment and can be done anywhere.

He continued, “After about four to six weeks you will see wonderful changes in your body.”

The 4-7-8 method can also be used to curb cravings, and according to the good doctor, it is extremely effective when dealing with anxiety.

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