This Mom Tells Us Her 4 Steps In Raising a Brat

This Mom Tells Us Her 4 Steps In Raising a Brat

Angela Markus

If you are not familiar with who Kristina Kuzmic is, you are about to get well acquainted. The energetic, funny, and creative Kristina has an in-your-face perspective on issues of parenting, cooking, and life in general. Her very poignant sense of humor and practical advice is most evident in one of her latest videos, 4 Steps to Raising a Brat.

The mother and public comical figure provides parents with sarcastic opinions to teach them a lesson. Here, she explains four guaranteed ways to raise children into brats. Kuzmic knows just as well as any other parent how difficult it is to deal with “bratty” children. She doesn’t actually want any, and that is exactly what makes this witty segment so pertinent to her sarcastic body of work.

She offers quite a bit of insight in this vlog as she mentions coddling children during tantrums to not following through on consequences. 

“If your child likes you 100 percent of the time, you are most likely sucking at parenting and, therefore, raising a bonafide brat,” she said with a hilarious smirk.

I would say that almost all of Kristina’s advice is sound. As parents, we work extremely hard to provide for our children, no one wants that hard work to go in vain.

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