5 Coffee Filter Hacks You Need In Your Life

5 Coffee Filter Hacks You Need In Your Life

Angela Markus

Coffee is one of those drinks that a lot of people can’t do without. It is no surprise that a good portion of the public starts their day with coffee, many of them continue to drink it well past lunch and all through the day. Judging by the number of Starbucks locations in the United States alone, we love our caffeine. But it’s very likely we overlook the foundation of what holds our caffeine together. 

In order to brew our beloved coffee, we need filters to trap the coffee grounds and allow the liquid coffee to flow through. But that’s not all they can do. We’ve decided to show you just how useful coffee filters really are! 

A sachet is a small perfumed bag used to scent clothes. Just grab a disposable coffee filter, lavender, and a rubber bands to make lavender scented sachets. It is simple, pour some lavender into a filter and use a rubber band to close it up. Place anywhere for that lovely scent.

Coffee filters are great for removing nail polish. Fold the filter in half, then half again, and again. Dab on polish remover and watch your unwanted nail polish vanish. No need for cotton balls.

If you are moving, or storing dishes, flatten the filters and place them between the plates for safety. Coffee filters keep plates from scratching! 

Sometimes we all have mishaps removing the corks from our bottles of wine. If you want to get the last drop, but do not want the remnants from the cork, use a coffee filter to do what it does best.

Finally, to keep your microwave clean, place the filters over your food to avoid spills.

Neat, right? 

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