5 Fall Leaves Life Hacks You Need In Your Life This Season

5 Fall Leaves Life Hacks You Need In Your Life This Season

Jamaica Bravo

Between the gorgeous red, orange, and yellow leaves, the perfect crisp weather, not too cold and not too hot, and the delicious holiday comfort foods, autumn is our very favorite season. There’s only one thing though: those lovely colorful leaves, so pretty to look at while they are still on the trees, sure can make a giant, frustrating mess when they begin to fall to the ground. Luckily, the Crazy Russian Hacker has come up with five quick and easy, innovative methods for cleaning up those pesky piles of dead leaves.

The first solution requires the purchase of a portable wet/dry vaccuum with a detachable blower. This man prefers the Ridgid brand, which sells a 16-gallon vaccuum for only about $100. You can find one of these for yourself at your local Home Depot. Alternately, you can buy a leaf blower with a curved attachment to reach into the gutters and blow out those nasty leaves.

His second method, is the good old-fashioned rake and bucket option. This is definitely the cheapest solution, though we have to admit, it certainly looks like a lot of work!

Leaf-cleaning method number three, is to get a large fan with a handle and just chase the leaves away, holding it in front of you like a shield. Seems kind of fun. Kids might be particularly fond of this method and may even find ways of turning it into a game. A fan like the one used in the video can be found at WalMart for only $10.

Another idea, is to grab a giant tarp, throw it on the ground, and rake the leaves on top of the tarp. Then, you can simply fold the tarp in half, carry it to the dumpster, and toss the entire bundle of leaves inside. So quick and easy!

Lastly, if you’re a pool owner, you know that leaves in your pool are the quickest way to ruin your pool water’s pH and render an otherwise wonderful pool, completely unusable. Correcting an entire pool full of dirty water and water-logged leaves can be a real pain and cost a ton of money, so this man suggests buying a large net and scooping the leaves out before it reaches that point.

As you can see, keeping your home and yard free of dead leaves doesn’t have to be difficult, and there are cheap ways to make this chore seem less like a chore and more like an innovative adventure of sorts. Rope your kids into helping you out by turning the whole thing into a game and seeing who can come up with an even better method than these!

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