5-Month-Old Baby Competes With The Dog Howling

5-Month-Old Baby Competes With The Dog Howling

Angela Markus

At five months old, babies can’t speak. They are delighting their parents with those adorable cooing sounds. But babies are also sponges. Some can emulate the people living around them quite well. And apparently, dogs can now join that category. A five-month-old Virginia boy might not be able to utter an English word yet, but he sure knows how to howl just like his dogs.

Posted by his father, this little bundle of joy shows how well an infant can mastering the art of dog-speech. Thank goodness, Larry Woods, had a camera in close by to capture the magical moment. In the video’s description on YouTube, he says, his family’s two dogs, a yellow lab and a chocolate lab, regularly get into “howling battles” for canine supremacy by measuring which of the two dogs can be “louder and more ridiculous.”

One side effect of that was his son’s ability to pick up on the language. “They do it so often that our son has decided to join in the war,” Woods wrote. This fascinated infant hilariously adds his own canine-style howl into the mix.

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