5 Amazing Sugar Hacks Everyone Should Know!

5 Amazing Sugar Hacks Everyone Should Know!

Angela Markus

Sugar gets a bad rap at times. Yet, what would we do without sugar? Just imagine, there would be no more donuts, cupcakes, or ice cream. The thought alone is terrifying. However, there are great uses for sugar in and around the home. In addition, it is one of the cheapest items in the grocery store. This video shows five amazing hacks that use sugar. At the end, you will be amazed!

Flowers die rather quickly when they are cut and put into a vase. Sugar can help though! Add one tablespoon of sugar to the water in a vase to extend the life of the flowers. Sugar is the perfect alternative to plant food that sometimes comes with flowers.

Want to enhance the quality of plants in your garden? Add handful amounts of sugar to the soil for a boost. The sugar enriches the microbial life in the soil as well as serving as a powerful condensed source of energy for the plant.

The next tip involves leftovers. If you want to keep your leftovers fresh for a longer period of time, add some sugar cubes to your airtight containers. Your leftovers stay fresher, longer, and it prevents mold.

You can easily remove dirt and grease from your hands by adding some sugar to your liquid hand soap. The sugar acts as a superb scrubber, which leaves your hands clean. If you have a problem removing grass stains from clothing, mix an equal amount of sugar and water in a bowl until it makes a paste. Let the mixture sit on the stain for 30 minutes and wash as usual. The enzymes in the sugar break down the chlorophyll pigments from grass.

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