This Is a Story of 69 Years of Beautiful Life-Long Love. Grab The Tissues…

This Is a Story of 69 Years of Beautiful Life-Long Love. Grab The Tissues…

Angela Markus

Everyone longs for the type of love that lasts a lifetime. This video shows a love that has lasted 69 years. New York based band, The Ludlow Thieves, released a new song with the most amazing video. Band guitarist and the video’s producer, Dan Teicher, created a series of images of the long lasting love of his grandparents.

The “Almost” video is sure to bring tears to your eyes. It starts with a wedding, many moments of kisses and images of love throughout the years. Babies were born in a black and white view of a time long past. Then there are more kisses! We see the babies grow up, dinner parties, love is still present and even more kisses.

The lives of the Tiechers are unquestionably filled with love. It’s evident with the friends, but most of all with the children. We see time progress as the filter of the video is transformed into color. Most of all the love is still present. Laughter, trips, snowballs, and skies, through it all the love of the grandparents is enhanced with time.

Most people long for such rich history, such profound love and long life. We see a progression from one time to another. Technology has a way of freezing moments in time, allowing humans to relive that moment. Philip Stanhope, the fourth Earl of Chesterfield said, “Know the true value of time; snatch it, seize and enjoy every moment of it…never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”

The music video took some 69 years to capture the power of time and love. We see the young lovers create a family, grow old together, even taking care of each other at a later stage in life. The feisty mom maintains her spice and the loving husband and father grows with grace. Time and love are some powerful things.

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