7 Crazy Octopus Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Octopus Facts

7 Crazy Octopus Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Sophia Gioiello

There are some things that are just better if you don’t put too much thought into – like what exactly is lurking underneath the crashing waves of the ocean. Deep down in the depths of your summertime escape lies some of the strangest creatures.

One of the most fascinating sea creatures is the octopus. With it’s slimy tentacles and camouflaging abilities, these invertebrates can swim and squeeze into just about anything!

What’s even stranger – these problem solvers have a very unique way to reproduce. The female almost always eats the male after mating! Now that’s one way to do it!

In the video below, we have compiled seven of the craziest facts about these mesmerizing monster-like sea creatures! Check them out below – just try not to think about them during your next trip to the beach!

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