Secrets To Finding Hidden Cash In Your Home

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Secrets To Finding Hidden Cash In Your Home

Patrick Dangermond

It’s almost vacation time. You’re more than ready to jump into your car, hop aboard that plane or jump onto the boat and get out of town! Unfortunately, your bank account isn’t as excited as you are.

You could use a couple extra dollars to make sure you and your family don’t have to eat bologna sandwiches for a full week. Well, there’s good news for you; the solution to your problem may be right under your nose…or should I say, under your couch cushions!

The Coupon Mom has a community of 7 million strong and she has 7 great tips for people who are looking to get some extra cash, right out of their home.

Have a bunch of old CDs sitting around? Have an old gift card that you’ll never use? Little things like this could make you the extra money you need to enjoy that magical vacation you deserve!

Do you want to save money on your water bill too? Why not give these gardening tips a try?

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