She Lost Her Family In a Fire. Now, Everyone Is Coming Together To Make Her Christmas Wish Come True

She Lost Her Family In a Fire. Now, Everyone Is Coming Together To Make Her Christmas Wish Come True

Angela Markus

Little Safyre Terry survived a disastrous fire in 2013 which left her with serious burns over 75 percent of her body and killed her father and three siblings.

The young girl spent many days in critical condition, and two years later, she still faces a number of surgeries as she recuperates at her home in Rotterdam, New York.

Now an online campaign is trying to give the eight-year-old something to smile about this holiday season.

Friends of little Safyre are asking strangers all over the world to send her Christmas cards.



Promoting Safyre’s cause on Imgur, friends wrote, “Her Christmas wish is to fill her card tree with cards from all across the world. I strongly encourage anyone to participate or even just help spread the word around.” The note post continues, “Let’s make this little girl’s Christmas wish come true… Safyre is a remarkable young lady who has been through so much… Her life is not easy with the surgeries she faces, but she has come a long way and is a very happy miracle child.

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The local community has rallied around Safyre since the fire that killed her father David, 33, 3-year-old Layah, 2-year-old Michael, and 11-month-old Donavan. This past September, a motorcycle rally was held to raise funds for her medical treatment.



One of the bikers, Eric Yesse, told news station News10, “She’s still here, she’s still hanging in. She’s amazing if she doesn’t give you inspiration, nothing will. Our goal is to watch her walk down the aisle when she’s old enough to get married because we’re going to be around that long and we’re going to help her every step of the way.”



There’s still time to send this thriving survivor the Christmas card she’d love! 

Send your love to P.O. Box 6126, Schenectady, NY 12306

For more information about her story, visit

We’re rooting for you Safyre Schenectady!

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