80-Year-Old Grandparents Celebrate Anniversary with Adorable Piano Duet

80-Year-Old Grandparents Celebrate Anniversary with Adorable Piano Duet

Erika Carter

Jason Lyle Black’s 80-year-old grandparents were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. Black, AKA the “Backwards Piano Man,” put together this absolutely stunning and beautiful Up-themed anniversary video for his grandparents. He sat them down at a piano and filmed them as they perform a beautiful duo on an antique piano. If your screen isn’t entirely covered in tears by now, you must be a robot. Yes, the beginning of “Up” is one of the most soul-crushingly beautiful moments in cinema, but Jason’s spin on it will have you crying nothing but tears of happiness.

Black’s family is obsessed with music and his grandparents are at the heart of it. Jason himself makes an appearance in the video, dressed as a Boy Scout, a la Russell from the popular Pixar movie. The video isn’t short on laughs. A dog even shouts “SQUIRREL” like Dug.

His grandparents were obviously blown away by the short film. It’s hard to express how our grandparents make us feel, but Black nailed this one! Black said it was amazing to work with his grandpa and grandma. He told ABC News about how music shaped him and how big of an influence they were on his life.

“They really loved the movie, and it was incredibly fun working with them for the video. They’ve loved music their entire life. The piano they’re playing in the video is actually a restored antique Steinway from the 1800s.”

It’s amazing how much impact our families can have on us without us even realizing it. Without his grandparents’ influence, Black probably doesn’t even pursue a career in music. What an amazing example of a family coming full circle.

What kind of influences did your grandparents have on your passion?

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