Kind Couple Donates Truck To 80-Year-Old Man In Need

Kind Couple Donates Truck To 80-Year-Old Man In Need

Angela Markus

When we think of most 80-something-year-olds, we might envision retired grandparents enjoying peaceful days. John Joyce does it a little differently. The 83-year old man walks for several miles with his lawnmower so he could do his hobby of cutting grass. The reason he walks? Joyce’s 1995 pickup broke down beyond repair.

Now thanks to the generosity of one St. Petersburg, Florida couple, Joyce does not have to walk anymore. When Robert and Nikki Norton heard their favorite lawn-mowing specialist was now walking to mow the lawn because of his broken down truck, the couple decided to do something about that.

Nikki shared Joyce’s story on social media and created a Go Fund Me page. When people got word, the gracious donors helped to raise over $13,000 to help John out. The couple cashed in the money and bought a 2004 Nissan SE King Cab V8 truck for the man who had been mowing their grass for years.



Joyce, who has been mowing lawns for fun since retiring in 1990, couldn’t help but smile. “I feel like a millionaire,” he said.



The money raised through the Go Fund Me campaign was able to cover the cost of the truck, insurance, gas and some new lawn equipment, according to local news.

Now, Joyce can ride in style when he comes to cut all of his lawn.


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