9 Cleaning Gadgets You Never Knew Existed

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9 Cleaning Gadgets You Never Knew Existed

Patrick Dangermond

If there’s one chore around the house that I don’t like, it’s cleaning. It’s such a tedious task and I feel like I always miss something. So much frustration!

That’s why some folks are finding new and unique ways to make this daily chore a little more fun.

These people are developing special gadgets to make cleaning your house not just easier but entertaining as well! Here are 9 of my favorites.

1. This device cleans your cutlery with ease!

Just dip it in the scrubber and it cleans it! Get it now on Amazon!55503f4b720a7

2. A soap dispenser you don’t need to spray!

Take the mess out of spraying your cleaner with Clorox! Get it now from Amazon!55503f4c8aa03

3. A toothbrush that dispenses toothpaste

Don’t waste toothpaste with this amazing piece of science! Get one now on Amazon!


4. The world’s first smart trashcan!

If you get this trashcan, you will never need another one ever again. It stores trash bags and has a motion sensing lid. 5550408d74087


It also includes a vacuum in the bottom so you can sweep up messes with ease! Get yours!SweepDustTrash

5. Clean your floors with slippers!

Fashion with a function, these slippers help you sweep up dust while you walk around the house!555040902f582

6. Clean your keyboard quick and easy! 

Got a bunch of stuff stuck in your keyboard? Clean it quick with this amazing goo! It gets deep down between the keys to clean the filth you don’t even see. Get it now on Amazon!KeyboardCleaningPutty

7. Spaghetti scrubs that require no detergent

This unique scrubber helps you get into those tough to reach places in your pots and pans and also helps you clean tough items such as whisks. Get yours now on Amazon.SpaghettiScrubs

8. Clean tough glassware with the power of magnets

This two-piece scrubber will let you clean both sides of vases, oddly-shaped glasses and other pieces. Get yours now from Amazon! You can also make your own!SpotScrubber


9. Keep your stove cleaner without all the cleaning

These are non-stick and reusable and will keep your stove cleaner than normal. One wipe and its clean! Get yours now from Amazon!



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