97-Year-Old Grandma Dances With 8-Year-Old To Fifth Harmony’s ‘Worth it’

97-Year-Old Grandma Dances With 8-Year-Old To Fifth Harmony’s ‘Worth it’

Angela Markus

Kids these days might think they’ve got all the right moves – but back in the day, their grandparents and great-grandparents knew how to bust a move or two, too.

A 97-year-old great-grandmother surprised everyone with her smooth moves during a mini dance-off with her great-granddaughter. Alexis Taylor filmed her 8-year-old daughter, Alaria, dancing to Fifth Harmony’s “Worth It,” and it wasn’t long before Granny decided she wanted in on the fun. With a cane in her hand, granny got down and shimmied, shuffled, and shook it all over the living room showing that she still got it.

It took some coaxing from her granddaughter behind the camera. Grandma delightfully asked, “You want me to do my thang?” Then enthusiastically, she let us have it. Rocking out with her pigtails in a floral dress, granny proved she’s still got it.

Grandma has become quite the superstar for her moves. While her range of motion is somewhat limited, this great-grandma clearly has some energy left in her and was happy to enjoy the dance off.

With over two million views, many commented that they wanted to be just like her when they got to her age. I do too!

Get it, granny!

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