Street Dog Dying From Mange Makes An Amazing Transformation

Street Dog Dying From Mange Makes An Amazing Transformation

Angela Markus

Dog rescue videos are bittersweet since they showcase that there are still truly great people in the world.

India has more than the one third of the world’s population and the highest number of stray dogs than any one country. The number is so alarming, it is a borderline epidemic. Luckily there are organizations like Animal Aid Unlimited willing to help.

This dog is suffering from a severe case of mange and when you see the condition he’s in when rescue workers find him, it’ll break your heart. He is frightened, confused, and on the verge of death. It takes a while for him to warm up to the rescue workers, clearly not used to the feeling of affection.

After a meal, rescue workers administer the first of many medicated baths. The dog can barely sit still when the workers try to wipe down his skin. His weak and deteriorating body does not allow him to accomplish much.

The next day the dog is given another medicated bath. This time he stands still on three legs as the worker applies the medication. Slowly but surely, his health begins to prosper.

Watch this magnificent journey of restoration. In the beginning, I was almost convinced there was no hope for this deteriorating dog. But the ending is absolutely heart warming! Six weeks later, he looks brand new!

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