Dog Who Couldn’t Handle Human Touch Now Has A Loving Home

Dog Who Couldn’t Handle Human Touch Now Has A Loving Home

Angela Markus

Recently, we shared a heartbreaking story of a dog deathly terrified of human touch. It took a lot of patience and gentle strokes from Monica Mitreanu of the animal shelter to get him acclimated to the true love of humans. 

Now we are happy to provide an update on this little guy. He is now learning to love the touch of a caring hand.  The young dog, named Kayne, has captivated people worldwide after the footage of his first encounter was shared on social media. One could only imagine the horrifying abuse the dog has had to contend with over the years.

Kerry Wollacott, an animal rescue worker, has posted an update through Facebook to let everyone who has been touched by the dog know that he is doing well. “Thanks to the recent footage posted, Kayne is quite happy being petted. And there will be plenty more of that going forward.”

Wollacott wrote in the post, “I’m sure you all remember the now famous crying pup, his video was spread far and wide his scream tugging on everyone’s heart strings. Well here is little Kayne he’s just had a visit to the vets to have his vaccinations ready for him to leave Romania on the 17th Dec to start his new life in the UK.”

I am sure Kayne will be loved!

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