Abused Dog Receives Loving Touch For The First Time

Abused Dog Receives Loving Touch For The First Time

Angela Markus

It is very difficult to understand the despicable individuals who abuse animals. Animals get hurt the same way people do, and are also prone to express the hurt similar to humans. When this rescued dog was being pet for the first time, it was not the easiest thing to endure.

The terrified dog issues heartbreaking cries as she is given some rare, but much-needed affection at a kennel in Romania. At first the small whimpering dog named Priscilla seems genuinely in distress as she tries to comprehend whether her handler means her any harm.

Defenseless and intensely petrified, she is constantly looking to see what the woman’s hand is about to do. Watching the puppy try to get away from the woman as she shrieks with fear offers an idea of the trauma she has previously suffered.

The love and care of the woman finally win over after a short period of reassuring and soothing strokes. Priscilla’s blood-curdling screams seem to get quieter and quieter. The handler is Monica Mitreanu of Breasta animal shelter in Craiova, Romania.

According to BoredPanda, Craiova is known as “The European Capital of Canine Cruelty” for the brutal handling of shelter animals. Later Priscilla succumbs to the tender touch of Monica’s hand and finally cuddles up to a handler.

We’re so happy she is receiving the love she deserves!

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