This High School Student’s Cover of Adele’s ‘Hello’ Will Give You Chills

This High School Student’s Cover of Adele’s ‘Hello’ Will Give You Chills

Jamaica Bravo

Adele, step back, because this teenage girl from Seoul Music High School just did a cover of one of your songs that is so mind-blowing, we all owe her some mad props. She took a more somber approach to “Hello” than the original famous singer did, but her melancholic yet earnest approach to the lyrics seem to give them a whole new meaning. The emotions you’ll experience as you listen to this high school girl’s soulful version will be completely different from the original.

While Adele belted almost the entire song, in the tone of absolute pain and fury you experience at the beginning of a breakup, with an edge of “screw you”,  an element of forced female empowerment, and almost angry desperation, this lovely crazily talented high school girl takes a completely different approach. One that more fully embodies the lyrics of the song and that true lasting feeling of breakup that you experience after the anger stage finally fades.

To do this, in her rendition, the Korean girl varies her tone, timbre and facial expressions in a way that will pull from you exactly the type of heartbreak feeling that the lyrics describe. If you aren’t hooked during the first verse, just wait, because it starts out a bit monotone and soft, but that’s only because this expressive teen is trying to show you the evolution of her feelings. If you’re anything like me, after hearing Adele’s version so many times, you probably were not quite expecting such a lackluster start, but be patient.

If you have ever felt the loss of a soulmate, a kindred spirit, or if there was ever just that one who got away, I promise you the mood will soon surround you, and you will love this girl as much as the other 3 million people around the world who have fallen for her voice.

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