Adele Sings ‘Hello’ With Classroom Instruments On Jimmy Fallon And It’s Epic

Adele Sings ‘Hello’ With Classroom Instruments On Jimmy Fallon And It’s Epic

Jamaica Bravo

By now, we’re pretty positive you’ve heard Adele’s newest hit song, “Hello”. It has been all over the radios — practically every third song on every other station — and it has taken the entire internet by storm!

So many different remixes have already been made of this fantastic song and a variety of videos featuring it have already gone viral. We’re sure you’ve seen several of these by this point, including the amazing one we shared with you a few weeks ago with this amazing young Korean girl singing and playing along on the piano. But if for some reason you’ve missed out on the “Hello” craze, you’ll definitely want to tune in for this video.

Adele may not have realized that her song was going to be such a huge hit, but she has certainly benefited from the craze, because now she’s been asked to host and sing on so many different shows, including The Jimmy Fallon Show. We love this version of her song, because the adorable and hilarious Jimmy Fallon is singing and playing right along with her — and on musical instruments made for kids, no less!

We love this silly rendition of her hit song with band members playing on things like a rainbow toddler toy xylophone and hand drums made for babies. The most amazing part is that Adele hardly misses a beat despite the silly way the very serious lyrics are offset by the children’s instruments.

Jimmy Fallon really knows how to make everything a little bit funny without taking away from its natural, authentic beauty, and this is a perfect example of that! Adele’s classic nature is not diminished at all by the slight touch of humor. In fact, it’s fun to see the singer a little bit out of her element, and finding a way to make it still work for her. 

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