Brother-Sister Duo Performs An Adele Reggae Cover

Brother-Sister Duo Performs An Adele Reggae Cover

Angela Markus

With Adele’s colossal success, it seems that fans and musicians alike can’t get enough of the superstar. Her now iconic song “Hello” has broken most records, and along with her sold out tour, we can safely say that she is closely approaching legendary status. As much as we love her version of “Hello”, and have been enjoying it for months, a brother and sister duo have switched it up to make magic.

Rosie and Conkarah, from Jamaica, have caught the “Hello” bug, they have created their own special reggae version. Rosie, the younger sister, takes on the more prominent role by starting off the cover. Then comes in her brother Conkarah with classic reggae beats and a relaxing vibe. Dare I say that this version is pretty irresistible?

Reggae makes everything sound better, this version’s soulful feel provides the perfect template for the rocksteady vibe to seep through, taking you all the way to Jamaica. Rosie nails this cover, unleashing her powerful, yet subtle vocals at the end.

Born in Jamaica to a Jamaican father and English mother, Nicholas Murray-also known as Conkarah- has been making a name for himself on the UK circuit.

What do you think of this unique cover?

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