Adorable Candy Thief Hides The Evidence Before Dad Catchers Her

Adorable Candy Thief Hides The Evidence Before Dad Catchers Her

Angela Markus

As kids know, the things that are forbidden are the most attractive. Especially when candy is involved. The warnings never actually stop us. We usually go for them anyway. Just ask this cutie patootie. She went for it and enjoyed the spoils. It wasn’t until after that she got worried about what could happen if her dad discovered her crime.

In what has to be the most adorable ruse ever executed, this mother and daughter team have to figure out a way to hide the fact that she ate too much candy.

This little French girl is unbelievably smart. She is easily the cutest sneakiest, candy bandit ever. She had stolen not one, or two, but three pieces of candy from her dad’s stash. Hiding under a desk, finishing off a lollipop, the little girl told her mom, “Daddy is going to be mad.”

But it doesn’t take long for her to come up with a cunning plan that involves disposing of the evidence and finding a safe hiding place in the house. She even tells her mother, “We didn’t eat any of it, alright?”

Then at one point, she hears her father approaching. She races to the bin to throw away her lollipop stick then crawls back into her hiding place. As if this clip couldn’t get any cuter or funnier, she tells her mom to act normal. So she says, “Now please turn your seat around and say there’s nobody under the table.”

Too cute to handle! 

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