Adorable Pup Has A Colorful Surprise For His Owner

Adorable Pup Has A Colorful Surprise For His Owner

Angela Markus

This owner came home to find that his little white puppy had gotten a little bit bored while he was away that day. The cute pup must have been looking for something interesting to occupy his time while he waited for his human to return.

Most dogs get into mischief by tearing up couch cushions, their owner’s dirty laundry, or shoes left near the door, but not this little guy. Nope, for him, all that destruction is totally old school. He’s way too cool to be messing around with anything so juvenile.

Instead, he found something much more sophisticated and cultured to do in his spare time. He figured he’d take a nice little art project venture and do some doggy painting, but he couldn’t find any paints laying around the house. So instead, he got into the kitchen cupboards and searched around until he found a product that would do just as well: green food dye. Then, he proceeded to redecorate the house and express himself creatively in a way that only a true artist can.

Honestly, he was a little confused when his owner got home and seemed upset by all the lovely green spots and streams of color that he spread around their home. But once he saw his human’s face, he realized that his artwork wasn’t going over quite as well as he had hoped, so he ran over to the couch and tried to look innocent as could be. The only problem was he couldn’t quite figure out how to hide the evidence that had splattered all over his fluffy white snout and paws.

Oops! Guess the cat is out of the bag!

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