This Man Gets Has The World’s Cutest Wake Up Call

This Man Gets Has The World’s Cutest Wake Up Call

Angela Markus

Here is the best and most wake up call anyone can have. Link the French bulldog shows his number one skill: how he can function as an alarm clock, according to his owner Sean Sarantos.

Link gnaws on his owner’s beard in an attempt to get him up in the morning, but Sarantos can’t be coaxed out of bed that easily. The pair engages in a battle of wills, with Sarantos nibbling in Link’s direction in an effort to get his little alarm clock to snooze.

Clearly, Sarantos is not the only one who wakes up with the help of a furry little friend. The many comments and likes of the video show that this is quite a common phenomenon.

Sarantos is a fitness author and self-described entertainer on social media, but Link is a bit of a social media star in his own right. His Instagram page, “Slinky Linky the Frenchie” has some 24,000 followers and is filled with videos of him being just as adorable as his “alarm clock” bit.

I am off to get myself one of these alarm clocks right away. He is just too adorable.

What do you think of the little fellow?

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