This “Backyard Scientist” Creates Works of Art In a Fish Tank

This “Backyard Scientist” Creates Works of Art In a Fish Tank

Angela Markus

With the many YouTube channels available, there are several that baffle and mesmerize us at the same time. In his latest video, YouTube’s “The Backyard Scientist” pours molten aluminum into a fish tank filled with water polymer beads to create beautiful pieces of artwork.

He first demonstrates how water polymer beads work. Polymers are molecules made up of repeating chemical units, similar to glue. Glue contains the polymer polyvinyl acetate (PVA), which cross-links to itself when reacted with borax. The playful, bouncy beads arrive as tiny balls, but when immersed in the water they absorb nearly 200 times their weight. He fills an aquarium with roughly 10,000 of them.

After a brief interview with his dog and putting on protective gear, he throws the molten aluminum inside of the tank. After nearly destroying his GoPro, he waits a few minutes and removes the solidified aluminum. The result? Super gnarly, coral-looking abstract art!

Naturally, he performed the experiment several more times before the sun goes down, because, why not? By the end of it all, he had a full blown repertoire of super unique and exquisite pieces.

Isn’t this the coolest thing ever?

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