Moms Get a Major Transformation in Today’s Ambush Makeover

Moms Get a Major Transformation in Today’s Ambush Makeover

Angela Markus

Every woman deserves a little pick-me-up, and the talented team at the Today Show’s Ambush Makeover gave two lucky women glamorous new looks that shaved decades off their appearances. After several hours of pampering, the women appeared to their family and friends leaving all in astonishment.

First up was 58-year-old Lenise Melton, an accountant and a mom of two, who was encouraged to the show by her friend of five decades Sheryl. When Lenise uncovered her big reveal, everyone couldn’t be more surprised. The haircut and a stylish upgrade provided a jaw-dropping transformation for her. When Sheryl removed her blindfold, her expression said it best.

Another participant was just as amazing. Bonnie Amend, a Woodward Memorial Library clerk, watches the Today Show every morning, and she always hoped to spend her 60th birthday by joining the crowd outside Rockefeller Center.

Her daughter told the Today show, “We just want my mom to get a fresh start,” MacCowan said during a segment taped for broadcast. “She’s so little and so cute and we just want to get her all polished up and (looking) great for her 60th birthday.”

In any event, Mrs. Amend was that lucky. She was picked for a “surprise” makeover by the Licari and Martin duo. Her family was obviously stunned — happily so.

Both women enjoyed their makeovers, and their friends and family were delighted when they saw the finished result at the grand unveiling. It’s amazing what a little help from a professional stylist can do!

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