Kids Hip Hop Dancing Wows The Crowd

Firecrackers Dance Group

Kids Hip Hop Dancing Wows The Crowd

Patrick Dangermond

When you think of an average kids dance recital, what comes to mind? Maybe some basic dancing…some mistimed moves and maybe a kid who just stands around. I know for sure that THIS┬ádidn’t come to mind.

The kids of the FIRECRACKERS took the stage at Dance Fest Novi Sad 2014 to an anticipated reception. The audience had seen some good acts that day, but the best was yet to come.

These kids won first place in the Hip Hop Group Kids category and placed ninth overall among all the groups in the competition. When you watch them, it’s easy to see why. This dance troupe is, quite simply, amazing. Performing to a medley of hip-hop hits, these kids blew everyone away.

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