Holograms Perform A Pre Dinner Show That Leaves Guests In AWE!

Hologram Dining

Holograms Perform A Pre Dinner Show That Leaves Guests In AWE!

Erika Carter

This might be one of the greatest restaurant experiences ever. As the scene opens we see two couples out for dinner at a lovely restaurant. French music is playing and wine is flowing. The table is set with beautiful china. There is a bread basket and some candles on the table.

We soon see little “holes” pop through the table and little tiny hologram chefs appear. They push the dinner plates off to the side to reveal a grill right there in front of each person to cook their dinner.

The chefs stack the steak on the grill. They gather the herbs and seasonings from the table decorations around the grill. There are potatoes put on the grill. The chef pulls a carrot from the table and puts it on the grill. Everything looks so wonderful, and it sizzles.

But the charm is soon broken by the appearance of two flies. They buzz around and upset the chef immensely. He is unable to swoosh them away. The diners are laughing and enjoying the show. The chef is so tiny he can barely pick up the fork to turn the steak, and he can’t seem to gather the strength to shoo those flies away. Finally they leave on their own.

We then see the diners being served by the wait staff. Was that the steak and vegetables that were actually prepared on their table? What an incredible dining experience!

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