You’ve Never Seen A Dance Routine Like This Light Show Dance, Pleiades

You’ve Never Seen A Dance Routine Like This Light Show Dance, Pleiades

Angela Markus

Technology has made our lives amazing in many ways. It has also done something quite wonderful to the world of performing arts. Many artists and performers have been able to create spectacles unlike anything that existed even a decade ago. Take for example, Enra, a Japanese motion graphics performance art group that mixes and meshes physical performance with complex digital elements, such as projected graphics. It is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

The performance is the brainchild of director Nobuyuki Hanabusa, and is described on its website as “An entertainment unit which presents the ultimate fusion of images and live performance.” They explain, “We wanted to challenge different ways of expression and to create more complex works with a different outlook on the world.”

Enra boasts a complex cast of characters, with its first generation of members including those specialized in Kung-Fu, acrobatics, ballet, juggling, rhythmic gymnastics, and animation dance, as listed on their website. Hanabusa’s goal in bringing on such a diverse group of performers was to maximize the potential expressions of the group. The performers’ wide array of talents is used in conjunction with the images that Hanabusa creates.

What you are about to see is titled “Pleiades,” featuring two female dancers, who interact with projected light throughout the course of the piece. The light functions as a character in its own right, illuminating and exaggerating the dancers’ movements as it seemingly dances around the two human figures on stage.

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