Letter to 13-Year-Old Girl From Amelia Earhart is Being Auctioned for $15,000

Letter to 13-Year-Old Girl From Amelia Earhart is Being Auctioned for $15,000

Angela Markus

Amelia Earhart has single-handedly inspired many young women who watched as she soared to new heights to achieve her dreams against insurmountable odds.

In May 1932, 34-year-old Earhart became the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean following a 14 hour, 56 minute-flight from Newfoundland to Northern Ireland in her single engine airplane.

That was one of many aviation records she broke during a lifetime fueled by ambition.

Earhart’s letter from many decades ago is moving with a potent message. Now, the letter to a young fan is going for $15,000 at a popular auction.

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In 1933, she wrote back to one 13-year-old in particular. June Pierson wrote Earhart requesting tips on how to enter the male-dominated aviation industry. She writes to the young enthusiast, “…if you are really determined to fly, and are willing to make the sacrifices necessary, I should certainly not discourage you from the attempt.”

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Earhart enlightened the young lady on the necessary physical examinations and flying lessons that are required. She also discussed the best ways for the young girl to enter the industry, and hopes for the future of women in aviation.

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Earhart took her first flying lesson in 1921 and in six months, saved enough money to purchase her first plane. She used it to set her first women’s record by rising to an altitude of 14,000 feet. Eight years later, she made headlines flying across the Atlantic Ocean. Her last flight occurred on July 2, 1937, when she disappeared during an attempt to complete an around-the-world trip.

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