She Perfectly Demonstrates 5 American Accents. I Guarantee You Sound Just Like One of Them!

She Perfectly Demonstrates 5 American Accents. I Guarantee You Sound Just Like One of Them!

Angela Markus

If you’ve traveled anywhere in the US, you more than likely have heard an accent or dialect different from your own. The talented Amy Walker offers us a tour of different accents in different parts of the the United States, and not only is it informing, it’s down right hilarious!

Amy first starts with the famous New York accent. The accent that screams attitude. Amy accurately describes the New York accent as the trumpet effect. She explains it as being in a crowded place and marking your territory. She further demonstrates with the word talk. Have you heard the New Yorker accent before?

The tour continues down south to the southern region. Quickly, she demonstrates two southern accents. She describes the difference between a New York and a southern accent. The southerner speech and rate of speech are somewhat toned down.

Amy elaborates on the rhotic accent. A rhotic accent is one where there is an emphasis on the letter r.

Hilariously, she ventures to the middle of America. The mid-west where the land is wide and flat. The accent of this region takes that form as well. It is as though your cheeks are elastic, and the accent sounds like pulling your cheeks all the way out, and letting them contract.

Next, Amy travels to California and elaborates on the accent most heard there. She explains that the west coast accent is heavier and louder. The speaker emphasizes his or her presence and brings it up at the end of the “sentence”.  Amy could not be more on point with this one, don’t you agree?

Amy illuminates how news reporters are trained to sound. This one is my favorite! I couldn’t help but laugh at her impression. She explains that news reporters tend to change up the melody of their delivery to keep the audience’s attention.

So that’s why they all sound like that!

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