It’s Her First Competition Since The Accident. What She Does Halfway Through Has Everyone Cheering

It’s Her First Competition Since The Accident. What She Does Halfway Through Has Everyone Cheering

Kendall Conners

Alissa Sizemore is just like any other 8-year-old girl. She loves to play outside with her friends, go to ballet practice and one day dreams of becoming a fashion designer. But there’s one little thing that sets her apart from the rest.

Alissa and her sister Cyley were outside playing on a beautiful spring day in May of 2014. Alissa ran out into the street, right at the same time a truck was coming to a stop. Unfortunately, the truck wasn’t able to avoid her and its front right tire ran over her foot, completely severing it on the spot.

She was rushed by plane from her small town of Vernal, Utah to Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City. Worried about being able to dance again, Alissa couldn’t comprehend why doctors couldn’t reattach her foot, according to PEOPLE.

“She didn’t understand why they couldn’t just give her back her foot,” her mother, Heather Sizemore, told PEOPLE. “And then, to have half of her leg gone too, how do you explain that? It was very difficult. I still cry whenever I think of that conversation.”

Having such a tragic accident happen at such a young age devastated the Sizemore family. But don’t think that one amputation was going to slow down this tenacious girl. Despite losing her foot and the lower half of her leg, Alissa was not going to give up on her love of dance.

After getting fitted for a prosthetic leg, which the entire small town of Vernal, Utah helped raise funds for, Alissa was back in the dance studio, practicing jazz and ballet. With her persistent and determined attitude, Alissa was soon trying out for the dance team.

Watch Alissa in her first recital since the accident as she is finally able to show off her moves again, prosthetic leg and all! She is one strong, committed and very special young girl and it’s not hard to see why.

Not only is this performance incredible in many ways, but what she does halfway through her dance has the entire crowd on their feet. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house.

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