CNN Anchor Passes Out On Live Television

CNN Anchor Passes Out On Live Television

Angela Markus

You can never really control what will happen on live television. It can be quite exciting, hilariously funny, and as most of us saw on a Monday morning broadcast on CNN, it can be very scary. Emmy award winning anchor Poppy Harlow is best known for her work on CNNMoney and While broadcasting live, the 33-year-old suddenly passed out.

The shocking moment captured on live television occurred when Poppy was reading a graphic on the public’s perception regarding the war on terror. It was then that her speech became slurred and incoherent, followed by several terrifying seconds of silence and heavy breathing. After a commercial break, the network resumed with a Brian Stelter with the top ten stories of 2015.

Harlow, who is six months pregnant, was quickly attended to by her shocked colleagues. Moments later she returned to air expressing appreciation for viewers’ concern explaining, she was feeling, “a little bit hot.” Later on she wrote on Twitter, “Thank you all for your concern and messages! I am ok!” Another tweet said, “Passed out briefly and am with the doctor now. So thankful to our amazing CNN team.”

She later shared that her growing baby — who is due this spring — is fine, and both mother and daughter, “are both ok.”

Thank goodness she is doing well.

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