Andrea Bocelli Sings With Ariana Grande, E Più Ti Penso

Andrea Bocelli Sings With Ariana Grande, E Più Ti Penso

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Ariana Grande has been getting pretty darn popular lately. The tiny, but beautiful singer, who seriously looks so young, you’d guess she was still in high school, has turned out to be crazy talented. Though Grande started out her career singing cutesy little pop tunes, and looking like an innocent little girl, she has recently started showing off the fact that she actually has the most powerful voice imaginable.

In an interview on the Tonight Show last month, Jimmy Fallon challenged the singer to a game of random musical impressions to show the world her hidden talent. As it turns out, this girl can imitate anyone she wants, absolutely perfectly, including Christina Aguilera, who is known for having one of the widest vocal ranges.

Now that this talented young adult has basically reached the height of pop stardom and gotten all kinds of fame, she is branching out of her usual genre, and showing off her powers.

Recently posted on Vevo, this video of Ariana Grande and Andrea Bocelli singing the hauntingly beautiful, and epically difficult, opera song, “E Piu Ti Penso”. Their version of this famous classic duet is almost as beautiful as Grande herself, and will have your heart soaring above the clouds.

The grand views of Italian architecture and scenery that the videographer interposed between shots of Bocelli and Grande singing their melodious tones will lull you into a state of complete internal peace. Take a moment out of your busy day to listen and you will be very glad you did. Fans who like the song won’t have to wait long for its release either. It goes on sale a week from today, next Friday, October 23rd, and will be featured on Bocelli’s upcoming album, Cinema.

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