Anna Christine Sings House Of The Rising Sun

Anna Christine

Anna Christine Sings House Of The Rising Sun

Bethany Burrows

In a crowded waiting room Anna Christine stands out. She is a 10-year-old singer and pianist from Nevada. She is preparing to perform on the popular TV show “America’s Got Talent”.

Anna Christine is not facing this pivotal moment in her music career alone. She is there with her mother. She and her mom share many hugs as the young girl waits. She can barely contain her nerves!

Knowing that anything can happen makes her feel uncertain but she is ready to perform. She admits that her mom is her biggest supporter and says that she does not have to worry about anything as long as she is with her mom.

Once on stage, she is interviewed by Howard Stern. She is in the company of celebrities and is nervous about her upcoming performance. Even so, she still manages to joke with him.

She plays the piano as she sings “House of the Rising Sun”. She sings so soulfully that you forgets that she is only 10 years old. Her voice is very moving. Based on the reactions of the audience and the judges, they were just as wowed as I was! Other people might have felt a sense of relief once the song was over.

Yet, upon close observation we see that her hands are shaking as she holds the mic at the end of the song. Perhaps she was just remembering what she said earlier. Anything can happen. Perhaps she couldn’t contain the excitement about all of the great things that were sure to follow such an amazing performance.

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