Australian Mother Posts Signs On Twins After Receiving Rude Questions

Australian Mother Posts Signs On Twins After Receiving Rude Questions

Angela Markus

Some people could be very rude and intrusive, and feel obligated to share their negative opinions about you publicly.

After being asked a handful of silly and disrespectful questions, this Melbourne, Australian mom had the perfect solution.

As the mother of three children, a boy and twin girls, 26-year-old Annie Nolan loved talking about her children, until people started taking things a bit too far.



Recently, one inconsiderate person asked Annie if she ever considered aborting one of her babies. Another woman had the nerve to explain that if Annie aborted one of the twins, she would have had an easier pregnancy. Annie’s twins were born prematurely and may have learning difficulties as they grow older, a circumstance Annie is prepared for.



The comments about her children became so overwhelming, Annie came up with a creative way to respond to her haters. Annie attached a sign to her children’s stroller answering the most inappropriate questions she has ever been asked.

Annie came up with these signs, saying she wishes she could permanently have them attached to her twins.


One sign states, “Yes, they are mine. Yes, they are twins. Yes, they are both girls. No, not identical. Yes, I know they look alike though. Yes, I’m sure they aren’t identical.” The other sign is even better. “Conceived by f***ing. Born via C-section. You have twins in your family? “Great.” They don’t run in my family… until now. Yes my hands are full (sometimes with 2 glasses of wine just to get through) Yes triplets would be harder.”

Annie’s frustration to the endless questions every time she stepped out of the door was unbearable. She was hoping the signs would stop the silly questions she’s continuously answering.

After posting the picture on Facebook, Annie’s response was well liked, receiving over 25,000 likes on the post.

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