An Anniversary Gift Turned Into a Surprise Proposal For This Cute Couple!

An Anniversary Gift Turned Into a Surprise Proposal For This Cute Couple!

Kendall Conners

Have the tissues ready, this one’s for all those good feels! Blake spent months building his girlfriend a customized armoire for her jewelry. Carly self-admittedly used to keep all of her accessories crumpled up in zip-lock bags or shoeboxes, but not any more!

While Carly was inspecting the finished product, she took her time exploring each hand-crafted compartment, going gaga over her new toy. Each compartment had a special or customizable purpose that Billy detailed beautifully. The top compartment had an adjustable mirror, and the side doors held customizable holders for necklaces, bracelets, etc. with a total of 115 hooks! The finished woodwork was flawless, and perfectly detailed to Carly’s taste.

Each drawer was lovingly lined with velvet, to which Carly exclaimed, “How did you do all this?? How did you come up with all this?”

“I just winged it.” Billy said.

To make it even more interesting, Billy stuffed some great gag-gifts within the armoire as well. As she opens the compartments granola bars, salami, gluten-free brownie mix, and some other wacky stuff is revealed.

Almost when you think Carly could not love this gorgeous gift any more, she gets to the last drawer. Of course at this point there is a funny little hiccup that you just have to see. Carly gets the drawer open and found something that would change her life forever.

This jewelry box was not just a box after all, and Carly realized this as she watched her boyfriend get down on one knee to ask for her hand in marriage. How adorable is that? This is truly an affirmation that it is what lies within that matters, and Carly’s now-fiancée illustrated this beautifully.

Surrounded by family and friends, what Carly thought was a lovingly crafted ornate jewelry box transformed into an entirely new chapter in her life.

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