This Terrible Disease Almost Killed Her. When You SEE How Little She Weighs, You’ll Be SOBBING

This Terrible Disease Almost Killed Her. When You SEE How Little She Weighs, You’ll Be SOBBING

Kendall Conners

Eating disorders are topics that we’re all familiar with. But until you see firsthand how much havoc this disease can wreak on someone’s body, it’s hard to imagine how devastating it can truly be. The girl in this video tells her story of how anorexia nervosa almost killed her and the images are SHOCKING.

After obsessing over Victoria’s Secret models thin figures and seeing how everyone around her “was so skinny”, she wanted to be like them. So she started dieting and exercising. Soon skipping meals became the norm for her. And before she knew it she started losing weight, a LOT of weight.

Although she had no energy at all, she continued this unhealthy pattern. All she thought about 24/7 was calories and exercising — how many calories she could cut and how much more she could exercise. At one point she was eating less than 300 calories a day and running and exercising as much as she could, sometimes up to four hours.

Her mom got worried and pulled her out of school. Doctors diagnosed her with an eating disorder but nothing changed until her 17th birthday when she collapsed. She was rushed to the hospital, admitted and put under a strict carb-rich diet.

After that her road to recovery was very up and down. But eventually she realized that the only person who could help her was herself. Once she had that realization she really began her journey to recovery. She began eating food and actually enjoying it!

Finally she was able to get to a place where she was happy again and was able to live her life! Yes, it’s still a struggle but she finally feels like she has control of her life again. She made this video seeking to help any girl who is going through the same thing and give them hope and solace.

Although some of these images are shocking I think this is something everyone should see. What a brave girl for not only posting this, but also being able to overcome such a terrible disease.

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