He Pours Molten Aluminum Into An Ant Farm To Create The COOLEST Ant Art!

He Pours Molten Aluminum Into An Ant Farm To Create The COOLEST Ant Art!

Angela Markus

There are many words that can be used to describe art. Different, swirling, dramatic or even flowing. This video produces no shortage of descriptions. The artist uses immense depth to create a rare and exclusive piece of art; a molten aluminum cast of an ant colony.

The artist uses molten aluminum to cast a colony built by the Aphaenogaster treatae specie of ants. This particular specie generally makes a single colony entrance into the colony that is easy to find. The colony’s structure is a single entrance tunnel which leads to several wide chambers, stacked nicely on top of each other. Attached is a longer tunnel leading to a wider pad-like chamber at the deepest depth of the colony. The finished cast perfectly shows the meticulous craftsmanship of the ant colony.

The artist uses molten aluminum. Molten aluminum is handled at temperatures ranging from 1300 – 1450 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid the occurrence of premature solidification. The artist finds the ant colony’s opening, places a small iron cylinder around the hole, and pours in molten aluminum. It is clear to see the hot temperature releases vapor around the cylinder. It is hard not to think about the great number of ants damaged in the making of this video.

Some of the molten aluminum partially solidifies during the process then catches fire. The artist allows the substance to cool overnight. The next day, the solidified result is dug up from the ground. A shovel is first used, then the artist carefully digs around the molten cast. After going several inches into the ground, the cast is removed. A hose is used to wash off dirt and pieces of roots from surrounding trees. A piece of branch is removed, and washed off again.

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